Complete Meeting Room Solutions

From quick and casual small team presentations to large meeting spaces and formal gatherings, Kramer@Work offers complete meeting room solutions that are always IT friendly and easy to support.
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Easy-to-configure and manage automated room scenarios with minimal end-user intervention


Seamless integration with Microsoft® Exchange, Office 365® and G Suite


From analog to any digital 4K resolution, Kramer delivers the optimal image quality to any display

Wired & Wireless

Share your screen and whiteboard ideas on the main display, edit documents together, and much more

KR-1000: 4K Wireless Meeting Space

1-4 Participants

A casual cup of coffee and a couple comfy chairs can serve as the ideal setting for a productive presentation space. Turn any shared common area into a constructive huddle space with the KR-1000 wireless meeting solution.
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KR-2000: 4K Wired Meeting Space

1-4 Participants

Take your huddle space experience up a notch with the crystal clear clarity of 4K for communicating the tiniest of details. Add to that the instantaneous ease of wired connections and awesome power of room automation for a winning presentation combination.
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KR-3000: Wired & Wireless Meeting Space

1-4 Participants

Unleash your meeting potential with this simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration environment. KR-3000 equips your entire team with a suite of powerful time saving tools helping you get the most out of every minute of your meeting.
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KR-4000: 4K Small to Medium Meeting Space

4-8 Participants

This 4K presentation space is ideal for 4-8 participants providing wired and wireless BYOD connectivity options along with time saving zero-touch room automation. Easy in-table cable connections keep your meetings clean and clutter free.
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KR-5000: Medium to Large Meeting Room

6-12 Participants

An elegant in-table auto switcher, intuitive touch panel and complete wired and wireless connectivity all come together culminating in endless presentation & collaboration possibilities with powerful control options.
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KR-6000: 4K Large Meeting Room

12+ Participants

Large formal meeting spaces have unique requirements. Crystal clear audio, easy instant connections with display devices and intuitive control ensure all participants can get straight to the business at hand.
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KR-7000: 4K Presentation Conference Room

16+ Participants

The ultimate conference room solution for those all-hands-on-deck meetings. When the room is full, the pressure is on and there’s no room for error, the KR-7000 delivers top-tier wired and wireless presentation and collaboration features and an unmatched audio experience.
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KR-8000: Pro AV Scalable Modular Meeting Room

The KR-8000 modular core includes tools for wireless presentation and collaboration, an 8x8 4K60 All-In-One presentation system and an auto switcher with room automation elegantly located in an in-table enclosure for easy, clutter-free cable management. Control is simple and intuitive thanks to the included touch panel that complements any modern meeting space décor.
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KR-9000: AV over IP Modular Meeting Room

KR-9000 builds on the benefits of a scalable modular meeting space by adding the limitless potential of AV over IP and low latency streaming. Elegant in-table cable management, auto switchers and room automation create an unmatched presentation & collaboration experience.
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